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meşe mangal kömürü 1 ton fiyatı toptan satışı

  There are two important factors that are necessary to fully enjoy the barbecue. One of them is a group of friends for fun barbecues and of course a quality charcoal for an unforgettable taste, because a good charcoal always comes first in the list of needs for a delicious barbecue. High-quality charcoal ensures delicious barbecue parties.

Lots of charcoal is sold in the market. However, when looking for the best oak charcoal, most barbecue lovers prefer oak charcoal. Many barbecue lovers agree that oak charcoal, which is best suited to the barbecue burner, is the number one quality.


 The oak charcoal species obtained by burning the oak are the invariable members of the picnics.

When we look at the characteristics of the oak from which the oak charcoal is derived, let's start by listing what we can say about oak in general.

  • It is used in many areas as it is a durable and hard wood.

  • beech tree variety

  • Oak forests never end because they are so numerous and dense 

Used in many areas, oak wood is also used to make charcoal. The easily available and inexpensive oak charcoal is also indispensable when grilling. Oak charcoal used in hookah making is one of the best barbecues. The number one reason why oak charcoal is preferred, which also delights grill lovers when it comes to the price and performance of oak charcoal, is its economy. In addition to being economical, its low flammability also keeps cozy barbecues and happy moments with friends from turning into nightmares.

Oak charcoal, which practically burns and brings benefit, stands out and is preferred in this regard. With all these qualities we have mentioned, we are sure that Oak Charcoal will be indispensable for your weekend getaways. Oak charcoal grill charcoal, offered by many brands under the slogan "grilling pleasure", will get even those who avoid grilling into the habit of grilling because they don't like to grill.

Oak Charcoal (1 ton)

1 Kilogram
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