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magma briket kömürü 1 ton fiyatı toptan satışı mangal ve nargile kömürü

product properties

Since this product is cheaper, it is often used instead of hookah charcoal.


Our coals imported from Indonesia are "Class A" products of the best quality. It's natural, eco-friendly, smoke-free and high in calories. Our brand "Giving Life to Fire" is aware of working with high sensitivity to the environment...

As evidenced in the analysis reports;

• Ash: 5% max.
• Humidity: 6% max.
• Volatile: 5% max.
• Calories: 7300 kcal/kg min.

Our products with high-quality data are just a few clicks away from you.

Follow Magma Briquette Coal, the highest quality and best brand of  Germany in briquette coal, be profitable...


(There are those who use it as hookah charcoal.)

Note: The lower purchase limit is 1 ton

10 percent discount on container-based purchases

For container-based purchases, we can print your brand on the product packaging.

Magma briquette coal 1 ton

1 Kilogram
VAT Included |
  • Minimum satın alma miktarı 1 tondur.

    Konteyner (20 ton) alımlarında %10 indirim uygulanır.

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