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BRICKET charcoal

•No sparks when burning

•Odorless (does not smoke)

•Made of hard tropical wood.

•A quality

•8,000 – 9,000 calories/kg

•Humidity 5% (no addition of •water during production)

•Very long burning time

Grill holzkohle
Briquette charcoal

Since the volatile matter content is low, long-term combustion is provided.

The high level of bound carbon makes it more economical and efficient to burn compared to other coals.

The amount of ash is small, less than 5% of the original weight.

It is made from 100% natural wood chips using only pressing force and contains no chemicals.

It maintains the high temperature until the combustion ends.

There is absolutely no spark, flash or flame when burning. Thanks to this property, it does not pollute the cooking area and does not pose any danger.

It produces no smoke, soot and odor when burned. So you can have a pleasant barbecue without polluting the air and without disturbing your surroundings. It also does not harm the cook's own health.

It has the longest burning time compared to other coals. It burns continuously for an average of 5 hours and does not require special attention after it starts burning.

The way of burning is similar to other charcoal. However, it should be preferred that the burning kindling is burned by placing it in the center of the briquette charcoal standing upright. After the cooking process is over, you can extinguish the remaining charcoal with water and use it again.

When ashing is complete, burning is provided for a much longer time.

Certified by the International Air Quality Agency.

There are two important factors that are necessary to fully enjoy grilling. One of them is a group of friends for fun barbecue parties and of course a high-quality charcoal for an unforgettable taste, because a good charcoal always comes first in the list of requirements for a delicious barbecue. High-quality charcoal ensures delicious barbecue parties.

Brikett Holzkohle
briquette charcoal

The more important the flavor is when grilling, the more important it is to preserve that flavor economically. Charcoal prices vary depending on the variety chosen. Also, it varies by brand. From this point of view, briquette charcoal prices can be much more affordable and economical than its competitors.


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